We're here to let you build, make, play or garden your way to greatness

At ShedCard, we believe that everyone should have the ability to purchase their own outdoor space for whatever dream they want to pursue. Whether it's weekend projects, backyard inventions or family gatherings; we aim to make it possible with straight-forward, fair and flexible ownership.

Simple financing

As opposed to complex personal loans and and other expensive options, Rent to Own (RTO) provides an easy method to buy your shed, gazebo, playsets and outdoor structures.

With our Rent to Own agreements, you can instantly purchase and install your outdoor structure from any retailer and ShedCard will transfer ownership once you complete your payment schedule.

Just enter the information about your outdoor structure, where you're purchasing it from and pay the first month's rental payment to have up to $10,000.00 instantly funded to your ShedCard today.

No hidden surprises

At ShedCard, we expect surprises everyday from our kids but we believe that shouldn't be the way financial agreements work.

All of our Rent to Own agreements are written in clear and easy to understand language and we show you all payments, schedules and fees before you get started with your purchase.

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