Frequently Asked Questions

About ShedCard

Are there any interest or fees associated with ShedCard?

ShedCard will charge you a rental fee based on the length of your agreement and the state that you live in. Additionally, you will be be required to maintain protection on the structure via our Loss Damage Waiver or by adding your own Homeowners Insurance.

How do I sign up for ShedCard?

Get started by downloading the ShedCard app and create an account. ShedCard can be used to purchase more than just sheds. You can also purchase barns, gazebos, carports, playsets and other outdoor storage structures. To get started, select the type of outdoor structure you're interested in purchasing.

Is there a limit to how much I can spend with ShedCard?

ShedCard will authroize you for funding of a purchase up to $10,000 in instant spending. Your exact amount of purchase authorization is set once you are registered with ShedCard. You can have one product per ShedCard transaction.

What are my options for payment and ownership?

You can own your storage building in as little as 24 months! Choose from our 24, 36, 48 and 60-month options and once your payment plan is complete we will transfer ownership of the structure to your name. You pay your balance by auto draft via ACH or card.

  • Payoff Anytime with No Penalty: If you're ready to gain ownership of your structure you can pay off your agreement early and receive a discount off the remaining total contract balance.
  • Rent to Own is a month to month contract. If your situation changes you can terminate your agreement at any time without penalty and we'll arrange pickup of the structure.
What is required to have an ShedCard account?

We verify identity and address for your ShedCard account using your name, email, mobile phone number, birthday and last 4 digits of SSN. This combination helps us verify and protect your identity, then start shopping! You choose what you buy and where you buy it.

Your Account

Can I have more than one RTO?

Absolutely! You can have multiple RTO’s on your account. Each RTO request is submitted, approved and activated separately on different ShedCards.

Can I pay off my structure early?

Yes, you can always pay off your agreement at any time with no penalty and receive a discount off the remaining total contract balance.

How do I cancel an RTO agreement?

The rental agreement may be voluntarily terminated at the end of any month without penalty. Just give us 15 days notice to schedule a pick-up. You must pay rent through the day that we pick up the structure. There are no penalties to return a structure.

What are ShedCard Terms of Service?

Our Terms of Service is available at

What is ShedCard’s privacy policy?

Our Privacy Policy is available at

Where can I review my ShedCard account and purchases?

You can fully manage your account using the ShedCard app or website including purchase history, payments, payment methods, notifications and more.

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