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ShedCard offers a real-time decision of up to $10,000.00 on straight-forward Rent to Own terms. Pay off early or cancel all-together; our Rent to Own agreements give you the best in flexibility.


Make fixed monthly payments via ACH or card with reliable rates that meet or exceed every state's guidance.

This example demonstrates an Rent to Own Agreement for $4,688.12 in Texas. Rates, terms and availability vary by state.

Cash Price: $4,688.12


for 24 months with rental fees of: $2,009.08


The days run long here in Texas and we're ready to answer your questions and help any time.

Q. What are my options for payment and ownership?

You can own your storage building in as little as 24 months! Choose from our 24, 36, 48 and 60-month payment options. Once your payment plan is complete we will transfer ownership of the structure to your name. You pay your balance by auto draft via ACH or card.

Q. What information does ShedCard require?

We verify identity and address for your ShedCard account using your name, email, mobile phone number, birthday and last 4 digits of SSN. This combination helps us verify and protect your identity, then start shopping! You choose what you buy and where you buy it.

Q. How do I sign up for ShedCard?

Get started by downloading the ShedCard app and create an account. ShedCard can be used to purchase more than just sheds. You can also purchase barns, gazebos, carports, playsets and other outdoor storage structures. To get started, select the type of outdoor structure you’re interested in purchasing.

Q. What is a Rent-to-Own agreement?

Under a Rent-to-Own agreement ShedCard purchases the outdoor structure in our name and allows you use of the outdoor structure in exchange for a monthly payment and guarantee to maintain the property. Upon completion of all payments the ownership will transfer to you. Additionally, you may pay off early at a discount or cancel by arranging pickup.

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