More and More Women Are Joining the She Shed Trend

Men have the “man cave” to unwind in. The kids have the rec room or game room to play in. But what about women?

A messy living room shared by everyone does little to ease the mind and body after a long and taxing day.

Women these days have had enough of the short end of the stick—with little peace and quiet and no space of their own—they are heading out to customize sheds for a slice of serenity all their own.

The Rise of the She Shed

Gordon Thorburn, author of the book Men and Sheds, once said that sheds were a “male necessity.” These wooden structures were a place where a man could get some woodworking done, store his gardening tools, or read the newspaper without interruption.

These sheds are just as much a necessity for women as they are for men. It was not too long ago that something which has become known as a “she shed” did not exist. But the she shed has quickly increased in popularity as the space inside of a home shrinks and the stress of daily living grows.

She sheds are a separate, detached room from the home. Much like what a man cave can do for men, the she shed is intended to be a room where a woman can escape her stressful life and partake in one or more activities she enjoys like crafts, reading, or yoga and meditation.

Why Every Woman Should Have a She Shed

The benefits of having a she shed are immense, including:

  • They can be used for anything
    A home base for everything gardening is the most popular use for a she shed, but it doesn’t have to be this way—this is a room which you can truly make your own. The opportunities are endless, from having a room for sewing, painting, or reading to your own woodworking studio or getaway retreat.
  • They are an affordable “renovation”
    Want to build onto your home but don’t have the cash? Consider a shed. She sheds are significantly less expensive than a home renovation, and you may be able to bypass a lot of—if not all—local permit requirements.
  • They can be a focal point in your backyard
    Having a well put together she shed in the backyard will become a focal point in your landscaping. It will pull your outdoor living space together.
  • They are perfect for all climates
    Regardless of where you find yourself and in what season, a well-built and prepared she shed can meet all of your needs be it in the sun, rain, or snow.
  • They are your own
    You do not need to worry about someone messing up your paints, mussing up your daybed, or fooling around with your tools. Your she shed is your own space that only you control.

How to Get Started Outfitting a She Shed

Getting and decorating a she shed is actually very simple and can be accomplished over the course of a few weekends or less. In fact, many companies now offer totally prefab she sheds!

Here are a few tips for how you can go about getting the perfect she shed in place:

  1. Thinking about how you will use your shed
    The purpose behind the shed will impact everything from the square footage to the decor and the lighting.
  2. Getting and/or building your shed
    The standard size shed works well for most women, since many do not want to bother with an expensive and lengthy building permit. As we mentioned, some companies offer custom prefab she sheds, while others just have standard shed structures that you’ll have to spend a bit more time modifying to get it just the way you want.
  3. Painting or staining your shed
    In the event the prefab shed you choose doesn’t come in the “perfect” color, it’s certainly easy enough to give it a fresh coat of paint or stain it so that it suits your outdoor landscaping or its purpose perfectly.
  4. Finding unique pieces
    Fill your space with unique or one-of-a-kind pieces from flea markets and antique shops. You want the pieces to reflect who you are so that you can make the space truly your own.
  5. Going au natural
    The more you can surround yourself with nature and natural light both inside and out, the better.
  6. Making the entryway inviting
    The entrance to your she shed should be so irresistible that you feel a magnetic pull to its front door every time you pass by or think of it.

What Are You Waiting For?

Getting your own she shed does not need to be complicated and the ideation and creation process is both incredibly rewarding and cost effective. Start drawing up plans for how you’ll stage your own personal space today!

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