Rent To Own Cabins Near Me

Our manufacturers construct our buildings to product specifications for warranty purposes. We have been made aware of some of our competitors advertising warranties that do not apply to their buildings due to the application of the warrantied product, in order to purposely misinform their customers. Rent to own cabins near me will never misinform or make claims that are untrue in order to mislead our valued customers into a sale. We do not need to, our products and reputation speaks for itself.

There are times when Rent to own cabins near me is a good idea. If you are renting storage space and the cost continues on and on indefinately, then you ought to consider rent-to-own. When you rent a shed for three to five years, you ultimately get to keep it at the end. Now you can save time that you spent running back and forth to the rental unit, plus own the rent-to-own shed or garage.

Rent To Own Cabins Near Me

The Standard Cabin Sheds

If you want a mobile and affordable cabin, the Standard Cabin Shed is ideal. It is also a good fit for backyard storage, with a front porch for relaxation. Rent to own cabins near me also work well for a small business office. The portable cabin sheds comes with one 3’ entry door and 3 windows standard, more options are available. The 8’ wide models feature a traditional wooden door, and feature an inside clearance of 6’3”. The 10’ and 12’ wide models feature a metal-clad door and 7’ 3” clearance inside. You may order any width with either a 4’ or 6’ porch, and the porch can include fasteners for inclusion of an optional porch swing.

The Cabin offers added features found in the Standard Cabin with an added loft space. It features ceiling joists and floor for added strength. The porch (4’ or 6‘) across the front adds to the comfort and is even ready for a swing. Your cabin comes with one 3’ entry door and 3 windows standard, more options are available. With this premium porch on the Cabin Shed, you can enjoy the out-of-doors while being secluded away in the back woods.

More details

  • 4″x6″ runners notched 1″ deep for extra strength
  • 2″x6″ floor joists placed 16″ on-center (O/C)
  • All 8′ wide buildings have 2″x4″ floor joists placed 16″ O/C
  • 5/8″ tongue & groove LP SmartFloor
  • Front wall is 7’9″ and back wall is 6’6″

Simple, Affordable and Durable is the best way to describe the Metal Storage Sheds. When all you need is a utility shed to protect your stuff from the elements, then the metal storage sheds are a great solution. Choose from 15 metal siding colors to make the metal shed your very own. We have a Quick Shed Delivery And Talented Team that will Setup your Metal storage shed. Request A Price Quote to select the metal Shed that fits well with your Budget or Simply select our Rent-to-Own option and Pay a low monthly payment that will be Convenient for you backyard shed.

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In today’s world things seem to constantly becoming more mass produced resulting in a less quality, more flimsy designed end product. We pride ourselves in doing just the opposite. Our customers are not only attracted to our buildings because of the quality they can see like outstanding craftsmanship and premium grade materials; they also like the fact that there is quality where you don’t see. One example is our heavy duty floor system that is built to stand against moisture and termites. Every building comes with a lifetime guarantee against ROT, DECAY, or TERMITE DAMAGE to the floor!

We offers high quality Rent to own cabins near me, storage barns, sheds, playsets, and more for your backyard. You can pay cash or rent to own our storage barns, sheds, playsets, playsystems, carports, and garages. All our products are carefully built by hand to ensure safety and functionality. If you need garden shed, ATV storage, car port, playground, or playhouse to complete your backyard, stop by our outdoor showroom today. Our locally owned and operated store guarantees your satisfaction.

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